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IdeaLab is a forum for reflecting on current topics of interest to Canadians. Experts from the Canadian Commission for UNESCO’s broad network explore a variety of topics such as disinformation, Indigenous cultural heritage, climate change, and education. IdeaLab offers new perspectives to encourage intersectoral and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

An abstract painting made of various shapes and lines. The following colours are seen on the canvas: black, blue, light blue, white, orange, red, and grey.

Montreal, landscapes and lockdown

This article, written by Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec, studies the consequences of the health measures and restrictions imposed during the Spring 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in Montreal. The impacts on certain urban spaces are exposed.

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The background is navy blue. At the center, a book with white pages is open. White neon icons (from left to right: an apple on a book, a backpack, a pencil, a closed book, and a robot's head) are floating above the open book. Pale blue network links are running behind the icons.

Artificial intelligence in education: focusing on the greater good

Thierry Karsenti, Canada Research Chair in Technologies in Education, exposes the many benefits and challenges of AI in education.

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In the center, a black and white picture of Maria Ressa wearing a red blazer. She is surrounded by a yellow circle. The turquoise coloured background is made of newspaper clippings. A few yellow, white, and grey zigzags complete the background.

Growing threats to media freedom: democracy under assault

Maria Ressa, co-founder, Executive Editor and CEO of Rappler calls for readers to educate themselves and demand accountability from social media platforms and governments.

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A mosaic illustration of human faces.

A Sense of Belonging: To what? And on whose terms?

In this article, author David Divine explores the complexities of belonging, particularly in relation to Black communities in Canada. Who defines acceptance, and why do we seek to belong? These questions and answers are explored drawing on a sociological exploration of inclusion and broader meanings of belonging.

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School children and their teacher wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Education and COVID-19: challenges and opportunities

The UNESCO Chair in Curriculum Development explores the challenges and opportunities created by the COVID-19 crisis for education stakeholders in terms of curricula, school environments, students and teachers.

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