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Photo of Yves-GĂ©rard wearing a suit and glasses

Yves-Gérard Méhou-Loko

Secretary General

Photo of David Schimpky

David Schimpky

Director of Secretariat

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Alexandra Bobek

Assistant to the Secretary General and Administrative Coordinator

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Barbara Filion

Program Officer, Culture

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Daly Koffi

Program Assistant, Communication and Information, Social and Human Sciences

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Dianne Gravel

Program Assistant, Finance and Logistics

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Elaine Young

Program Officer, Communication and Information

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Isabelle LeVert-Chiasson

Program Officer, Education and ASPnet National Coordinator

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Kate Declerck

Public Affairs Advisor

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Marie Tonine Moreau

Program Assistant, Culture, Education and Natural Sciences

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Mohammad Mousa

Program Officer, Social and Human Sciences and Youth

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Vanessa Poulin-Gladu

Manager, Public Affairs

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Zoe Compton

Program Officer, Natural Sciences

Canadian Commission for UNESCO

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Program Officer, Natural Sciences