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Associated Schools Network

Join the Network

When you join ASPnet, you contribute to innovative, inclusive, and quality education, one school at a time and all schools combined. You also join forces with a network of 87 schools in Canada and 11,000 plus institutions in more than 182 countries. By joining, you undertake to mobilize every member of your school to create a more just, peaceful, inclusive, secure and sustainable world.

Meeting of the ASPnet National Advisory Committee, CCUNESCO, September 2017.
Meeting of the UNESCO Schools Network National Advisory Committee, Ottawa, September 2017.

How to join ASPnet

  • Schools must read about the specific commitments and membership process before applying as a UNESCO candidate school. You will find this information in the Guide for School Membership in Canada.
  • Schools interested in joining ASPnet must then contact their Provincial Coordinator. If your province does not have a Provincial Coordinator, please contact us by completing the form below.
  • You will also find additional information about the international ASPnet overall goals, mission and strategy on their website.

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