There are currently 177 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 46 countries and an equal number of communities committed to promoting these unique natural sites. The Network fosters the exchange of ideas and information sharing, and encourages quality tourism infrastructure, educational programs, and conservation measures to showcase areas of exceptional geological significance.

The Network in Canada

The Canadian network has five Global Geoparks: Stonehammer, in New Brunswick, Tumbler Ridge, in British Columbia, Percé, in Québec, Discovery, in Newfoundland & Labrador, and Cliffs of Fundy, in Nova Scotia. Eight proposals are being prepared for "aspiring" geoparks.

Together with their communities, Canadian geopark leaders: 

  • encourage sustainable tourism
  • enhance awareness and understanding in youth and visitors about the area's geological heritage and history
  • protect the geopark's unique environment
  • promote earth sciences research

Geoparks offer countless opportunities for exploring, learning about, showcasing, and preserving unique natural heritage. They include sites of geological, archeological, wildlife, environmental, historical, folkloric and cultural interest.

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