UNESCO's Memory of the World program showcases the most significant documents of our heritage. Safeguarding the memory of the world provides universal access to our artistic, cultural, economic, geographic, linguistic, political, scientific, spiritual and identity-based, history now and into the future. The Canadian Commission for UNESCO maintains the Canada Memory of the World Register.

The Canada Memory of the World Register

CCUNESCO assists nominees interested in submitting a documentary collection to the national and international registers. With the support of the Advisory Committee, CCUNESCO manages the Canadian listings and makes recommendations for submissions to the international register. Register entries (written works, films, photographs, audio recordings and so on) will ultimately reflect the diversity of our heritage and the realities of our country, its Indigenous peoples, regions, communities and individuals.

Six Canadian works and documentary collections are currently listed in the International Memory of the World Register. These inaugural inductees to the Canadian register will be joined by others over the next few years.

Record of House of Commons proceedings in Ottawa, May 11 in very old book.
“Scrapbook Debates”, Library of Parliament collection.

Call for Nominations

Inscriptions to the Canada Memory of the World Register

In collaboration with our Canadian Advisory Committee for Memory of the World, we are pleased to launch the second Call for Nominations for inscriptions on the Canada Memory of the World Register. We invite all individuals, private or public institutions, organizations and communities to consult the items below for more information on this process.

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