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By protecting our documentary, cultural, natural and intangible heritage, we respect our environment and preserve the diversity of cultural identities and expressions for future generations. The Canadian Commission for UNESCO contributes to these efforts through a variety of initiatives.  

In Canada, CCUNESCO oversees the Memory of the World program, coordinates the Biosphere Reserves Network, and promotes World Heritage sites and Global Geoparks, thus helping protect all forms of heritage:


Related Initiatives

Réveille - Michael Doucet and the Coteau group, Andy Chmura et Michel Brault, Grand Coteau, Louisiana, 1976

Memory of the World

UNESCO's Memory of the World program safeguards and showcases documentary heritage of international significance.

Related Networks

The Old Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

World Heritage Sites

The World Heritage Sites Network includes cultural and natural sites considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. The 1,000 Heritage Sites reflect the diversity of people in 67 countries. The signatory states of the World Heritage Convention protect and promote these exceptional sites.

Students explore aquatic invertebrates and learn about wetland stewardship at Waterton Biosphere Reserve’s Wetland Field Day event.

Biosphere Reserves

With 669 sites that are home to some 170 million people in 120 countries, the Biosphere Reserves Network is a world in itself. In these "living laboratories," communities develop stimulating projects to promote the harmonious coexistence of people and nature. Their initiatives have a global impact.

Guides from the Stonehammer Geopark in New Brunswick explain the history of the geological site to visitors.

UNESCO Global Geoparks

There are currently 127 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 35 countries and an equal number of communities committed to promoting these unique natural sites. The Network fosters the exchange of ideas and information sharing, and encourages quality tourism infrastructure, educational programs, and conservation measures to showcase areas of exceptional geological significance.

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