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By creating societies that are resilient to current global challenges, we help the world to live and develop sustainably. The Canadian Commission for UNESCO's on-the-ground expertise and know-how provide greater insight and encourage action through concrete initiatives.

CCUNESCO's members and partners embody innovation. They combine knowledge, expertise, and strategic thinking on the challenges of our time such as climate change, natural disasters, biodiversity loss, dramatic population shifts and social change, including the rise of extremism.

CCUNESCO's initiatives are based on:

  • Indigenous knowledge mobilized in all the networks
  • the "model regions" of its Biosphere Reserves Network
  • the academic knowledge of its UNESCO Chairs Network
  • the best practices of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination

In short, CCUNESCO contributes to innovation so as to challenge how we rethink the world and envisage our future.

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